About Us

Being among the major worldwide producers of table grape and cattle is a result of more than 25 years of history in Brazil. Welcome to Grupo JD, composed of Labrunier and São Marcelo farms, and Bravis, which increasingly offer safe, sustainable, and quality products to customers.

A company needs to be well-structured to gain a distinguished position in the national and international market. For this reason, Labrunier has five units for grape-growing activities, four of which are located in Bahia and one in Pernambuco. São Marcelo Farms has four units located in the state of Mato Grosso and it is dedicated to cattle raising. Bravis is located in the town of Itapetininga, state of São Paulo, and covers export activities of citrus products to Asia, Europe and North-America. Additionally, it also imports products to assure a never-ending supply of grapes and other fruits to Brazilian customers.

Aligning good agricultural practice with production process traceability and online follow-up of customers are some of the factors that make Grupo JD such a trusted and professionalized company around the world.

Grupo JD grows by making heavy investments in social and environmental responsibility. Promoting social inclusion and improving the quality of life of employees and customers are a must inside the company. The company accomplishes that by promoting educational and environmental protection programs.

Produce natural products with high quality standards, using sustainable and innovative practice, seeking to exceed consumers’ expectations, and contributing to the continuous development of local communities.
Be a leader agribusiness company concerning quality and sustainability, by performing actions that are naturally aligned to the values that have been established.


For us, daily relationships with
employees, suppliers, customers,
the community and shareholders must
translate and reflect moral principles, transparency and respect.


For the company, encouraging individual and collective initiative is a determining factor for taking up on new challenges and achieve results.


We believe in the simplicity of activities, processes and daily decisions, through a clear behavior that is compatible with the strategy of the company.

Employee Appreciation

Investing in people is the essence of our business, and so is contributing to the development of our employees, which are considered evolution and consolidation agents for our brand.


Our programs should benefit different audiences and promote social and environmental development in the
communities where we operate.