Professionalism, dedication, ethics,
innovation and environmental
protection have helped Grupo JD get
quality and origin seals from the most
important national and international
certification bodies.

RainForest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance certification assures compliance with strict rules related to agricultural production or forest exploitation for the purposes of environmental protection, and preservation of the rights and well-being of workers and communities. The certification program provides land workers with instructions on goods production, and effective service rendering, without extinguishing natural resources or negatively impacting local communities. Rainforest Alliance believes certification is one of the most effective tools for preserving Earth’s natural resources, cultural identity and the surviving means of local populations.

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Global G.A.P

GLOBALG.A.P aims at qualifying properties according to the aspects of production, environment, animal welfare, food safety, risk analysis, management, administration and social responsibility. The certificate is required by Euro Retailer Group, an entity that gathers major food retailers in the European Union.

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Quality Line Carrefour

The Quality Line seal validates a healthy product that has genuine taste, has a pleasant physical aspect, and that is ecologically and socially correct. This certifies sustainable agricultural practices that do no harm the environment, and socially responsible production, with workers working according to labor laws and no child labor. It is administered by the French supermarket chain Carrefour.

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Tesco Nurture

Tesco Nurture seal assures fruits and vegetables traded by the chain are supplied by companies that have environmentally responsible production systems and processes. It is part of the certification administered by Tesco, the largest retailer chain in England.

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Special Certificate for Identification and Production (CEIP)

The Special Certificate for Identification and Production (CEIP) acknowledges the best animals in each production cycle, born during projects that have been assessed and approved by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA). It also guarantees the origin, the productivity and the genetic potential of the animals, providing figures related to their main performance characteristics, offering qualified reproducers to the market that are able to generate best quality calves with exclusivity.

Quality from the Origin Pão de Açúcar

Quality from the Origin is an exclusive program of Pão de Açúcar Group developed to offer its customers grocery products with high quality standards, compliance with Brazilian regulations and sustainable initiatives. It tracks and monitors agrochemical residues for supplier development actions and for special attention to consumers’ health. The program is based on five principles that guide the developing activities of the production chain: supplier audit; agrochemical residue analysis; microbiological analysis; quality inspection upon receipt; and tracking.

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