About Bravis

In 2008, new business development needs made Grupo JD create Bravis, located in Itapetininga, São Paulo.

This farm also has a packing house for table tangerine processing to be marketed in Brazil and to be exported. Its complete structure includes Sales, Marketing, Technical Follow-up, Quality Control and Logistics. Additionally, it also imports fruits to assure a never-ending supply to Brazilian customers.


Bravis has a great diversity of fruits to meet the demands of consumers inside and outside the country. Among tangerine varieties, there is Murcott and W-Murcott.

Bravis has two different activities: export and import. The company exports its products to many countries in different continents. Some are the European Union, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and North-America (Canada). The imported products are distributed to major retailers and wholesalers, which supply small and medium markets.
Location of the Farms
Itapetininga was chosen as Bravis main location due to its subtropical climate and low temperatures during the winter, the tangerine harvest time. Such conditions are fundamental to deepen the color and the flavor of fruits.